Persephone's White Silk Flowers Necklace

Persephone's White Silk Flowers Necklace
Hand sewn and embroidered silk flowers

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Anemone Poppy

Here's another of these new beauties. Some of the French poppies I used to buy were actually anemone poppies, a slightly different family of flowers from the Mediterranean area.  They are so lovely, the colors vary , most are  pink but in many tints and shades, from blush to  burgundy. 

This little pretty brooch is a delicate light pink hand dyed silk, with a dusky pink velvet center and an incredible pale lemon, faceted and fire polish crystal, imitating a flower early in the season, before the dark seeds develop  (at which point the whole flower becomes a deeper color with a black center). So lovely!


I'll be adding this little gem to my shop, along with it's friends. I think a little bouquet of these would look amazing! I'll add photos of some together... 

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