Persephone's White Silk Flowers Necklace

Persephone's White Silk Flowers Necklace
Hand sewn and embroidered silk flowers

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Charlotte's Gray Flowers

This piece I made before the spring flowers came out. I keep coming back to it, as I am always drawn to the color and  sparkle. I love a soft gray and it really brings out the elegance of the jeweled center.

My mother gave me this lovely ribbon and I had just enough to make a necklace and a brooch out of the flowers, so this piece is very unique. The photo doesn't quite do it justice as the ribbon has real depth that offsets the golden pink pearls. The pearls themselves are an amazing find, with great shine and a color I've never seen before, a pink gold, each a little different in shade.

This luxuriously elegant piece is perfect for an evening spent listening to an opera or at an art opening. In the dim lights this lovely treasure will sparkle and shine. You'll have to sip champagne and celebrate beauty. It's modern and artistic sensibility can breath life into any creative soul.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Anemone Poppies Bouquet

Here finally is a bouquet! I have this particular group as a listing in my shop. I think it would look incredible to wear them all together. They exceeded my expectations, I love them all! It's like a still life painting.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Anemone Poppy

Here's another of these new beauties. Some of the French poppies I used to buy were actually anemone poppies, a slightly different family of flowers from the Mediterranean area.  They are so lovely, the colors vary , most are  pink but in many tints and shades, from blush to  burgundy. 

This little pretty brooch is a delicate light pink hand dyed silk, with a dusky pink velvet center and an incredible pale lemon, faceted and fire polish crystal, imitating a flower early in the season, before the dark seeds develop  (at which point the whole flower becomes a deeper color with a black center). So lovely!


I'll be adding this little gem to my shop, along with it's friends. I think a little bouquet of these would look amazing! I'll add photos of some together... 

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tweet Tweet

I've started a Twitter account for quick updates, links, passing thoughts and late night ramblings. If you'd like to follow me during the day I go under the name of ShopJoliette 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

French Poppies

Here's a little preview of the lovely new flowers I'm working with. These are all silk, a nice pale white on the outer petals with dark blues in the centers something between ultra-marine and navy, then beeded with very tiny faceted black seed beads. Actually, these have a very marine feel to them...crisp white and blue...a yacht club soirée, an evening sail, dinner by the sea...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Merging of Talents

It's interesting how my love of horticulture, sewing and jewelry are all coming together nowadays, with each new project I become more in tune with the flowers I hope to embody. I get better at channeling the flower's essence, patterns, shapes, light, texture, but then translate, design and  embellish  according to my sensibilities. Hand dyeing also helps to get the right shades of flowers I've loved and remembered (much easier than finding just the right color in a shop, imagine, not that I haven't tried, just hardly ever succeeded, mostly only got frustrated) by now I am so familiar with the fabric shops in Toronto I can remember all the various colors and shades available. When I find new collections of fabrics it's quite exciting. With dreams of Spring there's a rush of images, ideas, memories I can't wait to manifest, create, photograph and share. Soon my pretties...soon...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Spring Flowers -Paris Days

Back to those spring days in Paris, I've already made a couple of bouquets of poppies. I can't wait to photograph them! The first has pale white silk outer petals with dark blue silk and black seed beads as the center. The second is  a combination of blush,  pink and lavender  silk  with dark pinks, purples and black beaded centers. Wow, I am so excited. I'm planning some more flowers to combine with these that I remember from bouquets I would buy and make for Francesca or myself.

I'll then turn these into statement necklaces, brooches, hair accessories, maybe some rings this time;  I had a smaller flower in my hand and thought it would be a lovely solitary piece on the hand.

I'm thinking some of these bouquets would be perfect bridal pieces...the silk and flowers, a natural conclusion I think. I'm also exploring other wearable art ideas.

Front Page

I've been featured on the front page of Etsy with a new favorite aqua colored statement necklace:

These lovely roses are hand dyed silk with a decadent beaded center made up of warm grayish fresh water pearls, gold seed beads and Swarovski crystals.

I dye my own silk to create unique colors, hues that are not common and to me, are closer to real flowers that way.
I love these hand made flowers, they're soft and shiny and one of-a-kind. The color is like an antique aqua, not over saturated but with a hint of teal and gray, like the sea on an overcast day.

The golden leaves compliment the shimmery centers of the flowers and the dark silver of the gun metal plated chain offsets the pale aqua of the flowers, adding to the elegance of the piece.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Spring in Paris

Well I've been thinking a lot about a Spring a few years ago that I spent in Paris. I had a favorite day, that  I occasionally try to relive. It ends with a lovely walk through the Rue de Mouffetard, the flower market. I adore the French poppies there, that have white or very pale petals with a dark center. So I'm working on a new design for a statement necklace based on a bouquet of these gorgeous French poppies!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hand Dyed Silk

Dying my own fabric has allowed me to create colors that I love. I'm actually very excited. When I imagine a shade, or am experimenting and acheive the perfect color, it thrills me. As the silk dries, it becomes very shiny, in a natural sparkly way, it is such a beautiful process that it always brings a smile to my face.

I usually start the process with putting on my favorite music, turning it up loud, then off I go to make color! Silk and linen are my favorites, one is shiny, sparkly even, the other a more earthy, textured fabric, yet still soft. As I mix the colors, wait in anticipation and then extract the fabric, I am always content.

For me it is a meditation with a lovely result, ready to be transformed into new lovely flowers.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Handmade Jewelry

Welcome to Joliette!

This is a journal about a shop is filled with unique handmade jewelry and wearable art. I am inspired by travel on many levels: culturally specific motifs, scenery, textiles, fabrics and the colors and textures along the way.

This journal is about the process of an artist in transit, as I explore, travel and create.

Hope you enjoy the journey.