Persephone's White Silk Flowers Necklace

Persephone's White Silk Flowers Necklace
Hand sewn and embroidered silk flowers

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer by the Sea

Under a moonlit sky a mermaid fashioned herself a brooch of seaweed. One dark and stormy night, as my sailboat was rocked by the dark waters in fury, she came to my rescue. I awoke on a remote Tahitian shore, remembering a strange dream of wild wind and sea. I found this lovely treasure next to me, a token of her natural grace.

This lovely brooch is made of a soft and lustrous velvet of sapphire or dark teal blue, like seaweed, and drawn from a coral branch I found walking on the beach one morning. It's a great wearable art piece and one of my favorites! 

Summer Navy

This lovely coquettish navy rose is the perfect compliment. It has a brooch pin back and can be attached to almost anything, tops, dresses, skirts, purses and belts to name a few. I also design some navy and blue summer pieces, they work with the pale shades of summer, and are perfectly paired with those crisp whites!

Summer Flowers

It a garden of flowers over at Joliette, all the lovely shades of summer in beautiful necklace, brooches and accessories! Custom colors are also available, especially convenient for bridal parties. Here's a little selection of my newest works. I hand dye the silk myself, with an eco-friendly, no harsh chemical process, the fabrics are mostly a shimmery soft silk, I also use some fine linens and other found elegant fabrics. The beading process is also an added luxury as I go above and beyond to make these real treasures, with a variety of sparkly seed beads, in silver and gold, pearls and crystals as well. Hope you enjoy!

Handmade in Ontario

Here's a great new and very useful group all about handmade artistry, craft shows and resource lists, when and where to buy and sell, tips, artists and crafters. For the handmade artists out there there's also a big list of places to advertise online in the discussions section. Join the group for regular updates on craft show and fun events to attend.


Summer Elegance

This unique and truly beautiful linen flower necklace has a sculptural elegance. Made with a fine black linen fabric it is hand sewn and lightly beaded with shiny faceted seed beads in the center for added shimmer and luxury. It's a lovely wearable art piece that can be taken from daytime elegance to nighttime romance.

Summer Flower

Icelandic poppies can be found in this amazing ice blue color, growing on the mountain sides among the earthy background. I've tried to capture this color combination in this lovely flower statement necklace with  an ice blue silk fabric flower and the smoky quartz as the earthy compliment.